"Listen to the sky" Biber Records
"Acoustic Passion" Phon und Ton
"Lotte" Phon und Ton
"Pebbles" Stockfisch Records


"Acoustic guitar sampler"
"Molly`s Party"
"Bremer Konzertburo"

Sessionwork with Hannes Wader ( including 2 live CDs), Werner Laemmerhirt, Ray Austin, Friedemann, Piefke, Libby Goines Lilienthal, Tinsmith, Jasmine and the Fury Brothers amongst others, which resulted in over 20 albums and CDs.
One of these, "Acoustic Guitar Sampler" led to the instrumental "das Loch in der Banana" (which translates as "the Hole in the Banana") being used as the call sign of a national German TV station for a period of about ten years, becoming immensely popular as an "etude" for aspiring acoustic guitarists, the subject of a "how to..." book, and famous as the most sought after sheet-music with a ridiculous name, ....... Aah, fame.....

Sheet-music at Discant Musik-Edition
Notes and Tabs :'Acoustic Guitar Classics', by Wolfgang Gemmel,
'Das Romantische Gitarrenbuch', by Roger Ryder
"How to Play Klaus Weiland`s 'Hole in the Banana'", with CD, by Uli Boegershausen

Concerthalls, festivals, clubs, radio ,TV, studios, cafes, marketplaces, streetcorners, trains,
a police-station and a german army barracks. There are not many places I have not played,
including in the same year, the middle of an anti-war demonstration and the luxury ship QE II .

"The Prairie Home Companion",
"Fresh Air"
and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
are some of the more substantial gigs.

Famous and not so Famous Gigs
Festivals, radio, TV and Concert halls
NewOrleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (USA)
Cambridge Folk Festival (England)
Louisiana Folk-Life Festival (USA)
Tuebingen, Erlangen, Drei Eichenhain,
Mainz, Ingelheim, and many more.. (Germany)
Chateau du Landskron (France)
the Queen Elizabeth II
the Berliner Philharmonie (Germany)
las Talleres (Mexico City)
Miami Blues Festival
The Prairie Home Companion Radio Show PBS
Fresh Air Radio Show" PBS
Tipitina`s Snug Harbour Storyviille and other New Orleans clubs
American, Mexican and German radio and TV yadiyadiyada!
Although many of the above I`m very proud of, the best were off the beaten path;
the ancient ruins of an amphitheatre in Pammukali, Turkey,
the Castle of Dubrovnic, Yugoslavia,
the famous Bazaar in Istanbul,
the steps of the Monkey Temple in Nepal
or sitting on the roof of the last car on a train snaking its way through the Mexican desert.
It just goes to show, music is the language of the soul and is universal.



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